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Common Questions - Developmental Disabilities - For Providers

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Can agencies continue to use the new service codes after 06/14/09 ?
Why can’t we put more than one activity on a service log?
Can Support Coordinators just log with new codes in the testing period or must they do a separate with previous codes as well?
Is the time spent driving spent from home to work time we can use?
Explain the term "leave."
Do we have to do a leave log when a supervisor is out?
Will these codes be entered into LSCIS?
What code do we use for SIS assessments?
Are activities entered into LSCIS for EPSDT?
Do we have to log out when receiving/making phone calls while traveling?
Is looking up eligibility for an EPSDT child billable?
When do we get the service logs?
For the NOW, we have to do an observation, quarterly visit and provider monitoring form. Does that all go under 78 for intake and assessment?
The SIS and shadowing – what activity should the person who does the SIS use and what should the shadower use?
SIS Training, do we log all of this training in?
Do we enter our pre-links now?
Did I hear you say supervisors and project managers work is not billable if they are covering caseloads for someone else?
We can’t enter data after 6 months, right?
If working at home, would documentation be the same except for the location?
When the agency is linked to SIS assessments and we open the case as recommended will it affect timelines?
For staff meetings, should every staff at the meeting be completing a service log, supervisors and SCs?
When training a new support coordinator in the field the supervisor goes into the field to train the new sc. How can we capture the training time and the quarterly, observation and cpoc if we can only write one log and need it to count for both training and requirements?
What service activity code should be used for filing?
The new codes are not working in CMIS as of 5/11/2009.
Will we still be able to enter logs completed through May 15th with the old codes after May 18th?
Why is Documentation identified in each activity codes 78 through 82 as allowable/billable service activities, but not billable if contact code of 3 (written) or 6 (documentation only) is used?
When the code of 81 is entered into CMIS for a Quarterly visit and the observation code is entered. It only recognizes the quarterly visit and not the observation on the Required Action. How do we proceed.
Do we need to enter all of our SIS LAPlus prelinks to date?
Does a supervisor complete a services log(s) for each individual weekly SC supervisory session? If so, what codes are used?
In reviewing the business rules it states that a contact of 3/written is nonbillable. Is it that a 3 is nonbillable or does it just not count for minimum requirements but counts as billable units?
I have a follow up question (representing the members of the LSCA)regarding the fact that during the time study, individual requirements (for example observations) will not show up on the required action because they are being collapsed into code 81; because of this, we cannot track our requirements in CMIS. Will this be reversed once the time study is completed? Will we be able to again see that our individual requirements are completed? It's important that we do particularly to ensure end of quarter payment. If this is not the case and the more important issue here is to collect the true time during this study, can our requirements for this quarter be relaxed so that we are not in jeopardy of denied claims?
The SIS LAPlus prelinks are showing up on our aging report, is there a way to prevent/block this?
Concerning service logs for the rate study: Entering a service log with NOONE for supervision purposes, utilizing a "13" as place of service, a "1" as type of contact, and a "90" as the activity, the CMIS system automatically populates a "98" as the service participant:, it does not give you the option to choose a "19". Am I the only person experiencing this problem?
What are we doing with the individuals that we assigned a case number to (pre-link) and then are re-linked? Are we to close them and re-assign a case number because of the change in the open date? If we do not re-assign with a new date then it will look like we are not meeting deadlines.