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Common Questions - Medicaid Rate Setting and Audit

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Who do I contact to obtain MRO 14 Reports?
What are the Department’s criteria for selecting ADHC facilities for audit?
How many copies of the Nursing Home Cost Report and supportive documentation need to be submitted to Rate & Audit Review to comply with the cost reporting requirements. Back to Top
I’m a provider that is not certified for Medicare. Do I still have to file the Medicare cost report for Medicaid purposes? If I have a home office, do I complete and file the Medicare Home office cost report form for Medicaid purposes only?
My home office cost report has a different year-end than the nursing facility. Do I have to complete a home office cost report that corresponds to the facility’s year-end? If not, how do I allocate home office costs to the nursing facility?
My year-end does not correspond with the state fiscal year. Do I have to file a cost report for the period ending June 30th or do I file a cost report that corresponds with my usual fiscal year-end? Back to Top
The nursing facility was certified for Medicare during the middle of the nursing facility’s fiscal year. Do I file the partial year Medicare cost report to DHH or do I have to complete the Medicare cost report for the entire Medicaid fiscal period?
Can my fiscal year for Medicaid cost reporting purposes be different from my fiscal year for Medicare cost reporting purposes?
NH - When preparing the nursing facility or home office cost reports, do I make Medicaid required adjustments to the Medicare cost report?
Where can I get a copy of Medicare’s Provider Reimbursement Manual?
Where can I get cost report instructions?
What are the Department’s criteria for selecting Nursing facilities for audit?
What is the definition of a MDS Medicaid delinquent assessment in Louisiana?