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Common Questions - Engineering Operator Certification

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How do I become a Certified Operator?
When I pass an exam, am I a certified operator?
What are the Steps to Become a Certified Operator?
What if my Education and Experience Points do not seem correct?
How do I get points towards Certification?
How long is an examination test score valid?
Will Level 1 & 2 training count towards Levels 3 & 4 licenses?
What is procedure to take a closed exam?
Is there an application fee for processing applications?
What is the fee for taking an examination for operator certification?
What is the fee for receiving a license?
What is the fee for renewing operator certifications?
What is the fee for duplicate/replacement Certificates and IDs?
How can a Course be approved for Operator Certification?
What are requirements of sponsor of course to assure that operators receive proper credit for approved training?