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Common Questions - West Nile Virus

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What is West Nile virus?
Have there been any human cases of West Nile virus infections in Louisiana?
How do people get West Nile virus?
Can you get West Nile virus from another person?
What are the symptoms of West Nile virus infection?
Who is at risk of West Nile virus infection?
How soon do signs of West Nile virus infection appear?
How is West Nile diagnosed?
Is there a treatment for West Nile virus infection?
Are there long-term consequences of getting West Nile Virus?
Is there a vaccine for humans for West Nile virus?
Can a human get West Nile virus twice?
How can I reduce mosquitoes around my home?
How can I avoid mosquito bites when outdoors?
Can dogs, cats and other pets get the West Nile virus?
Is there a West Nile virus vaccine for dogs and cats?
Is Louisiana's Department of Health and Hospitals doing spraying around the state to kill mosquitoes?