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Common Questions - Vaccines for Children Program

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How do I become a Vaccine for Children (VFC) provider?
If my FQHC or RHC takes over a Parish Health Unit do I automatically become a VFC provider?
Can I inherit vaccine from a Parish Health Unit automatically and move to my new location?
What is the target population that can be immunized with the VFC Program/Immunization Program issued vaccines in public clinics such as Parish Health Units, Federal Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) and Rural Health Centers (RHC)?
If a patient meeting age limits has private insurance and our public clinic can bill insurance (third party billing) can he/she be vaccinated with vaccine issued by the VFC Program/Immunization Program?
We understand that the VFC Program/Immunization Program issue vaccines from birth through age 18 years, but what about those persons who are over nineteen years of age?
Can Tdap/Td be provided to persons 19 years of age and older using VFC Program/Immunization Program?
Can we vaccinate “first responders” not meeting age eligibility using VFC Program/Immunization Program vaccine?
Is Medicaid federally mandated to cover ACIP’s VFC-recommended vaccines for the Medicaid population?
What are the statutory requirements for the VFC program regarding the vaccine administration fee?
Who should pay the vaccine administration fee for Medicaid-eligible children?