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Common Questions - Behavioral Health

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Who can become a service provider with the ATR Project?
How do I become an ATR Provider?
How can my organization become a licensed substance abuse provider?
How will the ATR voucher system work?
What is Freedom of Choice?
What recovery services will be offered by the ATR Project?
Where will screenings for potential ATR clients be conducted?
How can a client access services in the ATR Program?
How can we get copies of physician emergency certificate forms (PEC)?
What is Problem Gambling?
Why is problem gambling sometimes referred to as a “hidden” disease?
Are there any screening questions one can use to see if they might have a gambling problem?
How many people in LA possibly have problems with compulsive gambling?
Is there a state-funded, residential treatment center specifically for recovery from gambling addiction?
Is outpatient counseling available?
Can a spouse or significant other obtain assistance even if the identified person with a gambling issue does not want to stop gambling?
Are there any self-help recovery programs (like AA and Al-Aon) for compulsive gamblers and their families?