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July 2013 - June 2014

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Southeast Grant Water System; Loan 1: 8/14/2013 Amount: $351,200.00
Pictured from left to right: Dan McDonald, DWRLF Program Engineer; Melisa Herrington, DHM Service Group; Gregory Jones, SEGWS Attorney; Virginia Wagoner, SEGWS Secretary/Treasurer; George Wagoner, SEGWS President; Jennifer Wilson, DWRLF Program Manager; Jake Causey, OPH Chief Engineer; David Wolf, Adams and Reese LLP. The proposed improvements include sandblasting and repainting the elevated water tank using a full drape to contain and dispose of paint debris; replacing the access ladder, hatch and frame, riser and foundation, and sample tap.
Town of Gramercy; Loan 1: 8/9/2013 Amount: $ 1,500,000.00
Pictured from left to right; Dan MacDonald, DWRLF Program Engineer; Jake Causey, Chief Engineer, OPH; Rubenstein Mitchell-Clark, Gramercy Council Member; Terry Borne, Mayor of Gramercy; Betty Coleman, Gramercy Council Member; and Jennifer Wilson, DWRLF Program Manager. The Town proposes the following projects: 1. Construct a new operations building with adequate space for operators to monitor and control the plant, perform plant water quality testing, record and maintain plant records, and relocate chlorine and ammonia feeds to this building; and 2. Construct improvements to the water treatment plant including painting existing structures, replacement of piping and valves, a new transfer/backwash pumping station, new sludge pumps, new filter media and drains, an air backwash system, a new control system and a canopy for the filters and pipe gallery.
St. John the Baptist Parish Waterworks Districts 1&2; Loan 1: 9/18/2013; Amount $5,500,00.00;
Pictured from left to right; Hugh Martin, Foley & Judell; Rob Delaune, Digital Engineering; Natalie Robottom, St. John the Baptist Parish President; Virgilio Rayneri, St. John the Baptist Parish Director of Utilities; Vince Lucia, St. John the Baptist Parish Chief Financial Officer; Jennifer Wilson, DWRLF Program Manager; David Wolf, Adams & Reese, DWRLF Bond Attorney Proposed improvements for Phase 1 include replacing four altitude valves at elevated storage tanks which will help maintain pressure in the system, adjustments and upgrades to the water intake structure at the Lions Pump Station which will allow it to operate at full capacity year-round, and replacement of five old filters at the Lions Treatment Plant with a new set of filters which will improve the reliability of the plant. Phase 2, to be constructed at a later date, will include a water main beneath the Mississippi River to connect the Lions Water Treatment Plant on the east bank to the Edgard Water Treatment Plant on the west bank which will provide a backup water supply to the west bank customers.
Calcasieu Water Works District Number 12 of Ward 3; Loan 1: 11/1/2013; Amount $2,000,000.00
DWRLF funding will be used to implement Phase II of its new distribution system project. This phase will consist of installing approximately 38,250 feet of 6-inch diameter and 12,930 feet of 12-inch diameter water pipelines with associated valves and fittings. Construction will be from the end of the Phase 1 Distribution Extension Project along Elliot Road in the vicinity of Acadian Acres subdivision to Autumn Run, Prien Prairie, Elliot Ridge, and Barbe Country Estates subdivisions.
New Llano Water System; Loan 1: 2/14/2014; Amount $1,000,000.00
Pictured from left to right; J.T. Lane, DHH Assistant Secretary, Office of Public Health (OPH); Dan MacDonald, Program Engineer, OPH, Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund (DWRLF); Alan Offner, Foley & Judell LLP; Freddie Boswell, Mayor of New Llano; Terry Speicher, Councilman of New Llano, Jake Causey, Chief Engineer, OPH; Jennifer Wilson, DWRLF Program Manager, OPH; David Wolf, Special Counsel, Adams and Reese, LLP DWRLF funding will be used to construct new wells to provide its customers with safe drinking water. The overall proposed improvements will consist of developing two water production well, installing a transmission line which will connect the new wells to the Town’s existing distribution system, constructing two ground storage tanks, service pumps, and potentially treatment equipment.
Jefferson Parish Water Department; Loan 1: 2/5/2014; Amount $3,550,000.00
DWRLF funding will be used to upgrade portions of West Jefferson Parish Waterworks District No. 2 located on the west bank of the Mississippi River in Jefferson Parish. The improvements consist of water main replacement, upgrade, and extension near Waggaman, Louisiana along River Road. The project also includes the replacement of fire hydrants, valves, fittings, meters, and service lines along the project corridor. These improvements will improve water pressure, alleviate potential future compliance issues, and provide additional service capacity and system redundancy by looping the distribution system and increasing the size of water mains.
North Franklin Water Works; Loan 1: 3/12/2014; Amount $3,750,000.00
The project consists of building a new centralized production and pumping facility at the existing Chapman Road site. The construction includes three new water wells, four supply pumps, water treatment equipment and a generator. North Franklin Water Works is also laying 5.8 miles of new water mains to help improve water distribution and enable the addition of new customers.
Town of Olla; Loan 1: 3/12/2014; Amount $500,000
Pictured from left to right; Jennifer Wilson, DWRLF Program Manager; Marlyce Kemp, DWRLF Program Monitor; Wendy Allbritton, Town Clerk of Olla; Henry Shuler, P.E., Shuler Consulting Company; Rhonda Elliott, Mayor of Olla; Alan Offner, Foley & Judell LLP; David Wolf, Adams & Reese, DWRLF Bond Attorney. The proposed project involves the removal and replacement of up to 876 existing residential and commercial water meters within the planning area. The proposed meters shall be incorporated into an automated meter reading system. The network shall require up to three collection towers and will be installed on existing high structures.