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Louisiana Asthma Friendly Schools

What is an Asthma Friendly School?

An Asthma Friendly School is one that works towards seven essential goals in order to support the entire school community in understanding and managing asthma. 

7 Goals for becoming an Asthma Friendly School:

  1. Establish a process to identify students with asthma.
  2. Allow students with asthma easy access to (fast-acting) inhalers.
  3. Establish a school-wide process for handling worsening asthma.
  4. Identify and reduce common asthma triggers within the school environment.
  5. Encourage students with asthma to participate in school activities, especially physical activities, to the best of their abilities.
  6. Provide school personnel, parents and the student body opportunities to learn about asthma.
  7. Collaborate with families, health care professionals and school personnel to create asthma friendly schools.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Program, the aim of creating Asthma Friendly Schools is to improve the quality of life, health outcomes and well-being for elementary and secondary school-age children with asthma. Creating Asthma Friendly Schools will address the five common problems among children with asthma which are:

  • undiagnosed and unreported asthma;
  • coordinating asthma care with parents;
  • medication administration issues; 
  • lack of and variability among asthma action plans and other forms such as special care plan for a child with asthma; and
  • decrease absenteeism and early dismissal due to issues with asthma.

The Louisiana Asthma Friendly School Team

  • Asthma Regional Coordinator 
  • Principal, School Nurse, Teacher, Coach, Food Service Supervisor, Maintenance and Custodial Supervisor & Transportation Team
  • Parent 
  • Student

Cost to school district - $0 to minimal dollars  

Next steps for the Louisiana Asthma Management and Prevention Program to assist you in creating Asthma Friendly Schools in your district.

Step 1: Take the challenge with us using the Asthma Friendly Schools Checklist to assess your school. Adopted from the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program.

Step 2: Provide education to school teachers and staff in your school district from the Louisiana Asthma Management and Prevention Program's Asthma Regional Coordinator on causes, symptoms and treatment of asthma through tools provided in the Asthma Toolkit For Louisiana Schools.

Step 3: Work with school district to adopt and receive training on the Lousiana School Asthma Management Plan for teachers in case of an emergency in the absence of a school nurse. Adopted from the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program.

Step 4: Assist the school nurse in identifying students with asthma and increase the number of Asthma Action Plans for students. 

Step 5:
Assist the school nurse in increasing the numbers of students who can self carry and self administer their quick relief asthma medications under the 2009 Asthma Medication Law Louisiana Act 145.

Step 6: Work with schools to implement the LA Top 10 Low or No Cost for Improving Indoor  Air Quality.

Step 7: Encourage school district to adopt the Louisiana Bus Idling Policy for transportation officials.

Step 8: Provide education to the school's physical education teachers and coaches about Excercised-Induced Asthma.

Efforts to increase physical actitivity among students who suffer from asthma begins with the Louisiana Asthma Coaches' Play Card. The Play Card as it is also referred to provides physical education teachers and coaches with valuable information that can prevent Excercised-Induced Asthma attacks in children. The Play Card also provides the audience with measures to take to address asthma excerbations that occurs during activity in the event that a clinician and/or school nurse is not available. The Play Card is an 11x17 poster card that provides football plays in the green zone, yellow zone and red zone action steps of an Asthma Action Plan. The Play Card was created and produced by the Louisiana Asthma Surveillance Collaborative Health Care Education Workgroup , Alpha Media and the LAMP Program under the cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Program. Acknowledgement for school district 
The Louisiana Asthma Management and Prevention Program, the Louisiana Asthma Surveillance Collaborative will acknowledge school districts that meet the criteria for Asthma Friendly Schools at the local, state and national level.

The schools in the school district will receive certification and Asthma Friendly School Posters that will identify the school as an asthma friendly school zone to parents and other persons who visit the campus.

Upon adopting the Louisiana Bus Idling Policy, the schools will receive signs to remind the transportation of the No Idling Bus Policy in order to decrease pollutants that increase asthma complications.

The Louisiana Asthma Management and Prevention Program would like to acknowledge the following school districts for being designated as Asthma Friendly by the Louisiana Asthma Surveillance Collaborative:

If you are interested in establishing Asthma Friendly Schools in your school District, download the Asthma Friendly Schools Request Form and submit it to the Louisiana Asthma Management and Prevention Program.