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Substance Abuse/Addiction Treatment Facilities

 Initial License Application Procedure

The entire application process must be completed within 90 days.

In addition to the Letter of Intent, the following documents must be submitted to Health Standards Section:

1.    Written Plan of Professional Services including a list of the 12 core functions of AA/DD treatment and a

2.     Facility plan to furnish those services;

3.     Initial Application, disclosure forms and other forms with application fee (the Payment Procedure has changed please follow the link for instructions;

4.     Copy of approval letter of the architectural facility plans from the Office of State Fire Marshal

5.     A letter-size sketch of the floor plan;

6.     Jurisdictional approvals as required by:

a.     Office of Public Health;

b.    Office of State Fire Marshal;

c.     Municipal zoning and other approvals as applicable;

d.    Others, if necessary, (e.g., State Methadone Authority);

7.     Proof of general and professional liability insurance of at least $500,000;

8.     Governing body information including names, addresses, telephone numbers of each member;

9.     Disclosure in writing of any financial and/or familial relationship with any other entity receiving third party payor funds, or any entity which has previously been licensed in Louisiana;

10.   Disclosure of Ownership form

11.  Organizational chart for all professional level personnel.

This checklist will help you keep track of the documents that need to be submitted.