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State Reporting By The Medical Home

Reporting results of all initial screenings and any rescreening is extremely important!


  1. Rescreening and/or diagnostic testing results on all infants who failed a hospital newborn hearing screening even if the results of your testing are normal.
  2. Initial screening or diagnostic testing results on all infants if they have never had a hospital newborn hearing screening (even if your results are normal).
  3. All results on any child ages birth-5 years of age identified with a hearing loss for the first time.
  4. All results on any child birth- 5 years of age fitted with a hearing aid or cochlear implant for the first time.
  5. Every child who is considered lost to follow-up. Report information on any child who failed to keep a rescreening or diagnostic testing appointment and who is now considered to be lost to follow-up. (It is recommended that at least two attempts be made to schedule the patient for follow-up testing before reporting them as lost to follow-up).

All results should be reported to the Office of Public Health by fax or mail within 7 days of testing using the approved Physician Follow-up Report Form.

Remember to document all audiology, early intervention, or medical referrals you have made. This will allow the Louisiana EHDI Program to partner with the physician to ensure that the child and the family receive the important follow-up that is necessary.

It is within the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Guidelines to share this information with the Office of Public Health, as a part of our public health surveillance system.

Notify the audiologist when the testing was performed by the PCP.

All infants leave the hospital with an appointment to see an audiologist for follow-up hearing rescreening.

If the rescreening is completed instead at the primary care provider site, then notify the audiologist that the testing has already been completed. A copy of the follow-up form can be faxed to this provider when sending to DHH.

This will avoid duplication of efforts and parental confusion