Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals | Kathy Kliebert, Secretary

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Statewide Initiatives

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Health Plan Advisories

HPA 12-1: Oral Surgery

HPA 12-2: Check Hold Date

HPA 12-3: Abortion Policy

HPA12-4: DCFS Staff Contacts

HPA 12-5: Fee Schedule Advisory

HPA 12-6: Breast Reconstructive Surgery

HPA 12-7: Pediatric Day Health Care

HPA 12-8: Sterilization Consent Form

HPA 12-9: Provider Disputes

HPA 13-1: Radiology Utilization Management Program

HPA 13-2: Invalid Codes

HPA 13-3: Marketing Guidance Under ACA Exchanges

HPA 13-4: Clarification of Authorization Representative

HPA 13-5: Update Regarding Fees Related to New 2013 HCPCS Codes

HPA 13-6: Skilled Nursing Facility Encounter Claims

HPA 13-7: Prior Authorization of HIV-AIDS Drugs

HPA 13-8: Speech Therapy Services Update

HPA 13-9: Continuation of Benefits

HPA 13-10: Hospital DSMT Policy Update

HPA 13-11: Individual Physical Therapists

HPA 13-12: Wearable Cardioverter Defibrillator (WCD) as a Covered Service

HPA 13-13: Certificate of Creditable Coverage

HPA 13-14: Crossover Code Indicator

HPA 13-15: Medicaid Eligibility Based on SSI

HPA 13-16: FQHC and RHC Crossover and Third Party Billing

HPA 13-17: Rate Changes

HPA 13-18: Allergy Testing Update

HPA 13-19: LTSS Provider Recruitment

HPA 14-1: National Correct Coding Initiative Update

HPA 14-2: 2014 Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) Update

HPA 14-3: Rehabilitation Therapy-Reimbursement Methodology Change

HPA 14-4: Billing TPL Claims for Shared Plans

HPA 14-5: DME: Standing Frame Criteria and Form

HPA 14-6: Makena Coverage Effective May 1, 2014

HPA 14-7: Inclusion of Hospice Care into Bayou Health Core Benefits and Services

HPA 14-8: Provisional Medicaid Program Approved

HPA 14-9: Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives for Inpatient Hospitals

HPA 14-10: Coverage of Oncotype DX, Breast Cancer Assay for the Determination of Breast Cancer Prognosis

HPA 14-11: Coverage of Compression Garments and Related Items

HPA 14-12: Administrative Corrections for Retro Enrolled Newborns and Excluded Populations