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Report Abuse or Neglect

Health Standards Section investigates complaints against health care providers. Health Standards does not investigate complaints involving billing, reimbursement or care provided in a setting not licensed by the Department of Health and Hospitals.

Nursing Home providers must report allegations of abuse or neglect via OTIS.

Report Child Abuse or Neglect to Dept. Child and Family Services (DCFS) - 855-4LA-KIDS

Toll-Free Complaint Numbers: will be accepted during the described time period for the following provider

  • Adult Day Care 1.877.343.5179
  • Intermediate Care Facility for Developmentally Disabled 1.877.343.5179
  • Home Health    1.800.327.3419
  • Hospital and Abortion Facilities 1.866.280.7737
  • Nursing Home  1.888.810.1819
  • Support Coordination (Case Management) 1.800.660.0488
  • Home & Community Based Service Provider (HCBS) 1.800.660.0488

How to File a Complaint Against a Health Care facility

Please use this complaint form to file a complaint against any health care facility licensed by the Department of Health and Hospitals.  Please complete the complaint form in its entirety.  Please detail your complaint allegations concisely, including the name, date of birth and date of admission for the patient involved.  If the complaint allegations involved an incident with a staff member or department of the facility, please be sure to include the name of the staff person involved and his/her title (e.g. R.N., LPN, aide etc.), date that it occurred, and the name of the particular department that was involved (i.e. radiology, surgery, kitchen, dining room, etc.).

Please return the complaint form to Health Standards Section:


Health Standards Section
P.O. Box 3767
Baton Rouge, LA  70821

Phone: 225.342.0138
Fax: 225.342.5073

HSS Programs & Contact Numbers

Complaint forms received by Health Standards Section are reviewed and a determination is made as to the course of action. Once the complaint report is reviewed, the complainant will receive written notice of the department’s decision. If a complaint has already been filed, in writing, directly to the facility, please allow the facility approximately 30 days to investigate the allegations and provide a response with their findings.  If the facility fails to send you a written response within 30 days, you may contact our office to file a complaint. Please include a copy of your original complaint letter that was mailed to the facility along with a completed complaint form.