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Bacteriological Examination of Commercial Food

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Central Laboratory

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Aerobic Plate Count (APC) and Fecal Coliform Test

Brief Description of Test

APC is intended to indicate the level of microorganism in a product. Fecal coliform test estimates population of coliforms as an indicator of contamination.

Possible Results

APC/gm; Most Probable number (MPN)/100gm

Reference Range

APC <25 – estimated counts; Fecal – MPN index (<1.8 - > 1600)

Specimen Type

Commercially prepared food or seafood.

Specimen Container(s):

Clean, sterile, waterproof, and puncture resistant.

Minimum volume accepted:

At least 100grams.

Collection Instructions

Samples should be obtained by Sanitarians familiar with the state Sanitary Code.

Storage and Transport Instructions

Keep frozen samples frozen, refrigerated samples <10°C, dry or canned foods that are not perishable at ambient temperature. Deliver to laboratory to begin testing promptly.

Causes for Rejection

  • Sample is submitted in inappropriate container.
  • Sample is submitted in violation of required temperature.
  • Sample is leaking or otherwise compromised.
  • Sample is submitted with no identification or missing collection date or time.
  • Insufficient sample is submitted.

Limitations of the Procedure

Overgrowth by non-coliform bacteria.

Interfering Substances



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Additional Information

Complete LAB 47 submission form.