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For Colleges & Universities

College students spend a significant amount of time together throughout the year. They typically live in close proximity to one another, share everything from common spaces to food and friends, and they keep inconsistent schedules as they balance school, work, eating and social activities. Based on these factors, college students are at a higher risk for contracting influenza, and should take precautions to avoid spreading the virus. Because university faculty and staff are in constant contact with students, they also should take additional precautions. This page contains valuable information to protect all members of college communities and reduce their risk of spreading the flu.

Fighting the flu involves planning and coordination. To make sure that you're prepared, follow this checklist and share it with your family and friends. Consider this a study guide for a healthy semester. 

The CDC offers guidance relating to influenza response for institutions of higher learning at the links below:

Spread music. Not Flu.
            Poster in Color (in English, 2.08 MB)

Don’t Wait - Vaccinate
            Matte Article  (in English, 30 KB)

Informational Fliers
Vaccine Information Statement: Seasonal Shot
            Flier in B&W  (in English, 477 KB)
Vaccine Information Statement: Nasal Spray
            Flier in B&W  (in English, 477 KB)
Reason enough to get VACCINATED!
            Flier in Color (in English, 3.71 MB)