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Above 50 Percent WIC Vendors

During August, 2006 USDA mandated all states enforce new regulations intended to contain the cost of WIC foods. The federal regulations are focused on Vendors that derive over 50% of their food sales from the redemption of WIC food instruments. The regulations required Louisiana to apply for certification of a state plan for cost containment in order to allow these Vendors to continue to operate.

The WIC Program sought and obtained certification but is also required to enforce federally mandated cost containment provisions. Specifically, above 50% Vendors cannot redeem any food instrument for amount in excess of the statewide average.

Based upon the WIC Program's data regarding food prices at above 50% Vendor locations, these Vendors will likely have to lower their prices on a number of food items to assure that food instrument redemptions do not exceed the statewide average.

For WIC Vendor Price reports please use the Vendor Tier Price Display under 2013 VENDOR NEWS ALERTS.

Attention! WIC Vendor Applications will only be reviewed where there exists a need to increase/enhance coverage for WIC Authorized Foods.